Van: Jim K.
Verzonden: woensdag 19 maart 2003 4:13
Aan: Gerlof E.
Onderwerp: Re: CD's

Hello Gerlof....Am sending you a copy of the Uncle Ozzie
CD release, just released by us today.

Jim K
Dear Jim,

Today I received your CD "Uncle" OZZIE.
I've heard all the songs.
It's nice music. I heard such a sound never before.
It's a special sound. I'm happy to have it in my collection
Some songs are really good to air on a saterday evening.
Also the voice of Alice when you sing together is nice to

So thank you very much for helping me, Jim!!

Gerlof E.
The Netherlands
From:  Bob Ziegenbein
To:  Uncle Ozzie
Sent:  Friday, March 28, 2003  10:57 AM
Subject:  Email from Ozzie website

Hi Ozzie:

I have a question for you.  Do you mind if I use your song
"I'm Always Happy" for my theme song on the "Big Bang
Polka Show", my 247polkaheaven radio show?  It is on
Tuesday @ 7 pm  CST
I find that song fits me to a T.  The lyrics describe me and
the way I feel about polka music.

Bob Z.
From:  Uncle Ozzie
To:  Bob Ziegenbein
Sent:  Friday, March 28, 2003  7:06 PM
Subject:  Re:  Email from Ozzie website

Hi Bob:

That sounds great to me.  Thanks for the compliment.  I
appreciate this very much.

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Subject:  CD
Date:  Sat, 06 Dec 2003 16:18:09 +0100
From:  Gerlof Elzinga

Dear Sir,

Thank You very much for sending the CD
"Christmas Memories".
I've heard all the songs and I like these
Christmas songs.
I'll air Your music in my Saterday-evening
programm "The Titan Favorites".

If You want to know more informations,
pictures, backgrounds and so on
please take a minute and go to

Thank You very much again.


Gerlof Elzinga,
The Netherlands.

Dear Shirley & "Uncle" Ozzie,           
    Friday night at the ESBMA, was very
enjoyable.   I have been at your dances in
other locations (not as often as I'd like) but
really enjoyed the atmosphere you created
last Friday night.   The word that comes to
mind is "festive".
    You, Ozzie and your very talented wife
Shirley, certainly livened that place up a lot.
     I so hope that "Easteide" will have an
opening for you to entertain us again.