"UNCLE OZZIE'S" CD's Are Now Available!

"Uncle Ozzie" released  a new CD "Memories of YesterYears" in 2011 & (2) CD's and cassettes in 2003;  
"Christmas Memories" and "I Want To Be Your Polka Sweetheart", featuring Alice Linn.  All were
produced by Jim Kirchstein of Cuca Recording Co.
     "Uncle Ozzie" unveiled his first 2003 CD,  "FOR THEM, I'LL PLAY SOME MORE" at the celebration
of his 40th anniversary in the music business.  To celebrate, "Uncle Ozzie" who is from Portage, WI, played
at the Riverview Ballroom in Sauk City, WI, on January 19th, 2003, from 1:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.       

Included on this new CD are (4) original songs, written by "Uncle Ozzie".
The public was invited to come and help Ozzie celebrate and visit with some of the former "Uncle Ozzie"
Band members.   Nearly 300 people were in attendance, having a wonderful time; dancing, listening, and
reminiscing. "Uncle Ozzie" was speechless to see such a fabulous and loyal group of fans.     Channel 15,
NBC, was also there, taping parts of the day for the 10 o'clock news segment, which added to the festivities
of the day.  
     On September 29, 2013, Ozzie celebrated  what he called his 10+50=60 years in the music business at
Ponderosa Pines ( Wisconsin Rapids area ). This created a hug crowd of over 400 people, with his former
members, making up a 17 piece band. Ozzie, also had a guest band from Wausau, WI the Music
Connections. This was a big day to remember, the response was he should do this every year.
  "Uncle Ozzie" also celebrated 10+40=50 years of playing good old time music, on January 19, 2003, he
celebrated his 40th anniversary as "Uncle Ozzie".   Previous to performing as "Uncle Ozzie", he played for
10 years with his parent's band, "Cliff  Banks And His Sunset Ramblers".  "Uncle Ozzie" has hired and
worked with many talented musicians throughout his 40 years.   A very special privilege was hiring the
famous "Cousin Fuzzy" to work with the "Uncle Ozzie" Band for 13 years before his death.   "Uncle Ozzie"  
had his own television and radio show, back in the early days of his musical career.
        Old Time Music is in "Uncle" Ozzie's blood.   One of his favorite motto's is:  "STAY YOUNG AND
GO DANCING"!!!   He plays a wide variety of music such as: polkas, waltzes, fox trots, schottisches,
swing, jitterbug, etc.   His music makes you feel like dancing and if you're not up to dancing, you will want to
clap your hands, tap your feet, and sing along to the music. "Uncle Ozzie's" jokes and antics on stage
provide people who like to just sit and listen, with a show that keeps them amused and laughing.
        "Uncle Ozzie's" current endeavor is "Uncle Ozzie's Memory Sounds" music show. Ozzie sings and
plays on stage, using six to ten different instruments to perform, depending on the song and the place.  
"Uncle Ozzie's", wife Shirley, runs the all important sound board.   Shirley controls the tracks that are on the
mini discs, which were recorded by "Uncle Ozzie's" former players and friends, in Ozzie's recording studio,
at their home.     Hundreds of hours have been spent having the musicians come and record  the music from
Ozzie's own library, to recreate the original sounds of "Uncle Ozzie".
        Assisting "Uncle Ozzie" is Janet Twist of Jefferson. Janet takes admission at some dances. Also,
behind the scenes is Ozzie's cousin, Rusty from Stevens Point, who created  his website,
www.uncleozzie.com.   Through their combined efforts, Uncle Ozzie, Shirley, Janet and Rusty work very
hard at giving you a fun filled and enjoyable time of dancing and musical listening pleasure.
         If you would like to purchase a CD or DVD, send $17.00 for each to UNCLE OZZIE, P.O. Box
341, Portage, WI  53901 or call 1-608-334-9332.  They are also available at his dances. If you would like
to have Ozzie play for you, please contact him soon, as his schedule fills fast.

Ozzie and the gang look forward to seeing you in your area.
Shirley, Ozzie's Wife