I would like to take this time to introduce myself.   As "Uncle Ozzie", I have been
performing for 57 years and have recorded (5) albums, (6) CDs, and (4) cassettes.
  My musical career started at the age of 13, playing in my parent's band, "Cliff
Banks and His Sunset Ramblers".  I made my first recording, "You Call Everybody
Darling", at the age of 10.   In 1963, I formed my own band, and we traveled across
(16) Midwestern states providing my music to the fans and dancers at ballrooms and
polka festivals. In later years doing dances and many shows from Wisc. to Arizona.  
  Starting in 2001, using specialized electronic equipment, I began touring the
Midwest, bringing my original sounds and the "Cousin Fuzzy" style sounds, to you
once more.   I do this by using my entertaining abilities, singing vocals and playing
10 different musical instruments, along with my wife Shirley on sound board.  Once
again presenting to my fans live and in person, those great listening and dancing
sounds that I enjoy writing and playing.
  Many thanks go out to the late "Cousin Fuzzy" and all the talented performers I
have worked with during my career.  The biggest "THANKS" of all, goes out to my
fans, who have continued to support and enjoy my music over the years.
  I would like to thank you for reading my biography and visiting my website.

Ozzie's wife Shirley at the Sound / Control Board