Shirley on Noni Juice

December 2005

Hi Friends,

I had some big problems with Ecoli in my leg these past months. Doctor gave me 7 months of Cortizone shots then did 3 biopsies that got infected one week later, that led to three months of Ecoli. I have been off work since July 14, 2005. When we went to Ozzie's family reunion in July, one of Ozzie's cousins told us of a product he sells that he thought might help with my leg problem. Well, I did try this Noni product.

We think it is the GREATEST!!! So we now sell it too.

My leg is a long story, I will not get into it right now except to say that I have been on many pain pills that I could not take because they made me so sick. The last of 5 pain pills I tried was Morphine, that made me very sick too. Then I started to use the Noni Juice that has really helped me get my leg under control and now healing. I truly believe it also helped get rid of the Ecoli since the drugs did not do the job for 3 months, but as soon as I finally got up enough courage to poor some Noni Juice into the big holes in my leg, the Ecoli was gone. I had asked the Doctor if I could do this in August and she said, NO. I was put on a presciption of Diazepam for anxiety. Instead, I decided to take more of the Noni Juice. At one point I was talking half a bottle a day for 7 days with 4 times as much distilled water (20 minutes) after taking the juice. This is to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. A half hour later drink lots of distilled water and no caffeine products for an hour after taking the Noni Juice. If taking more than 2 ozs., spread it out. I still take 8 ozs. now.

There is a Registered Nurse in MN that told me, we all should drink 2 ozs. REAL Organic Lemon Juice with 2 ozs. of Noni Juice, at bedtime, because your body does it's best healing while you're sleeping. This helps to raise your PH level in your body, she called it a (reversed spin of your body). If you don't want to do Real Lemons, go to a store with an organic shelf and buy Santa Cruz Lemon Juice.

I have always had to take lots of calcium for my leg cramps. If I forgot to take it, I got so bad I could hardly walk. While I was on the antibiotic Avelox for over a month, I could not take any of my vitamins for a 12 hour span. I kept forgetting to take my calcium at the right time, so I had to go without it. I soon realized that the Noni Juice was helping my leg cramps. I have not had one leg cramp since I started using this Noni Juice. I also had acid reflux, yes had. I really do feel this has helped me in many ways. This great juice has also helped my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After being on Noni Juice for 5 months, I learned that the stigmatism in my eyes was gone, my glasses needed weaker lenses, still have not had one leg cramp, acid reflux or hot flash. I AM NOW MEDICATION FREE.

Noni Juice gives you more engery too.

Ozzie had been taking 2 ozs. every morning for about 4 months, this was not enough. Ozzie now takes 3 ozs. in morning and in the evening before supper. We have heard so many times since we started drinking this juice, more is better. So Ozzie is now on 6 ozs. a day & more, plus 4 times that of distilled water, this has really made a big difference. He is a diabetic with a high sugar count for about 6 years, takes 2 kinds of pills. His sugar count has been very good for awhile now. Ozzie takes a pill for prostate problems. He use to wake up a lot to go to the bathroom, in the morning he would report just how many times he had to get up and how tired he was yet. Well, he sleeps much better now and is getting up less which in return helps him feel much better and his engery is better throughout the day. Ozzie now takes 2 ozs. in the evening before supper. We have heard so many times since we started drinking this juice, MORE IS BETTER. Ozzie is now on 6 ozs. a day or more. Ozzie had an ear that drained a lot, he had to dig out ear wax everyday. If not done on a regular basis, it would even create an odor. This ear now has no drainage or wax buildup. It has also helped Ozzie with his Sleep Apnea very much, some nights I thought he would not make it till he got on this None Juice.

I only wish I had known sooner, about this Noni Juice from Tahiti, and it's miracle ways of helping people. I really hope you will try this Noni Juice for your health needs. We are getting very good comments from our people that are drinking it, they are very excited about this product, too. THANKS, to all of you that are telling your stories, by sharing these with other people we are able to help many that would have never been able to feel better.

Healthy Living,

Shirley and Ozzie

Please read and pass along this info to anyone you think that would like a healthier life. Please call if you want more information. We have many other flyers depending on your needs.

Noni Juice can be purchased by the bottle, or case. And can be delievered to your door in just a few days, right from the factory.

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